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Middle Ages Festival in Rattenberg - Day 2

Mittelalterspektakel | © Verein Rattenberg 2000
A trip to our medieval past!

A fabulous programme for all to enjoy from 26th April - 28th April 2024 in Rattenberg.

  • Opening parade
  • Medieval market
  • Court hearings
  • Fun knight dress up
  • Staged fights
  • Music and fire shows
  • Special activities for children
  • And more…..

A choice of restaurants, cafés and inns provide for food and drinks.
Participating clubs: Salutem Tyrolis, Arcus Uuergile, Ausfall, Stählerner Haufen 1499 and the Dresch-Flegel.

Order your ticket online at www.oeticket.com 3-day ticket only: € 30,00 - on-the-spot day tickets: € 12,00

Whatever the weather, the weekend's entertainment is yours to enjoy!

The organizers look forward to seeing you soon!

Date & time
Sa., 27/04/2024
Starts at: 11:30 (Duration: 9 Hours)
Verein Rattenberg 2022
6240 Rattenberg
6240 Rattenberg