Theatre Performance "Leiche auf Abwegen" in GERMAN!

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It's time again - the Breitenbach amateur theatre group invites you to an entertaining evening at the Gasthof Rappold. The play is an amusing comedy that will reduce theatre-goers to tears of laughter.

The plot:
How did a body turn up in the lounge at the Sandhofer firm? What is the knocking and rumbling in the cupboard? Mrs Raschbichler, a customer has no doubts. A crime has been comitted. The shop assistants Elfie and Susi and the decorator Edmund are behaving suspiciously. Are the three of them harbouring a dark secret? Endless misunderstandings!

Venue: Gasthof Rappold
Premiere: Friday, 17.03.2023 - 8:00 p.m.
Further performances: 18.03, 19.03. (2:00 p.m.!), 23.03., 24.03., 25.03., 29.03., 30.03., 31.03. at 8:00 p.m. (exception: Sun, 19.03. start at 2:00 p.m.)
Admission one hour for start
Tickets: € 10,00
Ticket pre-sale with seating reservations at Jordan Teppiche in Breitenbach Dorf 201
Bookings are not taken by phone! Tickets also available at the box office.

Date & time
Wed., 29/03/2023
Thu., 30/03/2023
Fri., 31/03/2023
Datum Starts at: 20:00 O'clock
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