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Easypark App - pay your parking in Rattenberg by mobile phone!

Using the Easypark App is the most convenient way to pay for parking and includes one hour free of charge parking.
Easy, fast and cashless: Easypark App in Rattenberg!

No more rooting around for change and searching for a parking metre: As of now, you can pay parking fees in Rattenberg using the Easypark app. And the best thing about it? Paying with the Easypark App includes one hour free of charge parking!

The EasyPark’s parking app will help you to save time for more important things:

  • Conveniently park while seated in your car, no need to search for parking metres!
  • Avoid parking fines by extending the parking session duration remotely from your phone.
  • Typically, a driver overpays their parking by 30%. With EasyPark, you only pay for the time you actually use.
  • Use your preferred payment method - credit card, Klarna, PayPal, Apple Pay ... You can also add your corporate credit card to pay for your business parking.

> Click here for detailed application instructions

Video Easypark App - this is how it works