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The Lauserland in Alpbachtal - Tiroler Seenland


European Forum Alpbach goes digital!

From 23 August to 3 September, EFA-2020 will take place in a completely new form. The general theme this year is "Fundamentals".

Young, international and digital

This year, the forum will take place mainly as a large online conference lasting almost two weeks and with a very reduced local presence. In addition, young people have a special role to play this year. Forum alumni organisations on four continents contribute more than 50 events to the conference.

The rejuvenation program also has an impact on the program. The environmental activist Vanessa Nakate from Uganda and the Ghanaian-American journalist Karen Attiah are among the participants. The German drone expert Ulrike Franke, known among other things for her podcast "For Safety's sake", is also part of the programme.

Anyone wishing to take part this year cannot buy a ticket for Alpbach on site, but can purchase access to the 12-day online conference for 90 euros. Sonja Jöchtl, Managing Director of the EFA Foundation, sees this as a unique opportunity for all those who have so far refrained from participating, either because of the long journey or the normally much higher price. The aim is to offer participants a real conference experience, even if they do not gather in Alpbach. This is not just a normal streaming. You can get in touch with the speakers, meet for networking, exchange business cards digitally.

Among the speakers this year are health experts such as Faith Osier, Professor of Malaria Immunology at the Centre for Infectious Diseases at the University of Heidelberg, the Head of the Health Department of the OECD, Francesca Colombo, and the Head of Science Communication at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Mirjam Jenny.

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