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Almabtrieb in Reith im Alpbachtal | Live erleben

Reith farmer's market with cattle drive and kermis

Welcoming the colourfully decorated livestock home with farmer's and crafts market on the last two weekends in September is THE HIGHLIGHT on Reith's calendar of events. A traditional Tyrolean fair at its best - the Reither Almabtrieb is one of the largest in the Tyrol attracting visitors from all over the world.

Programme 2022

24.09.2022 & 01.10.2022 from 10:00 am

  • Grand crafts market

  • Food market
  • Parade and concert given by the Bundesmusikkapelle Reith im Alpbachtal
  • Approx. midday - cattle drive through the village
  • Music groups playing traditional Tyrolean melodies and songs throughout the festival area
  • Tyrolean culinary specialities and traditional fare
  • Alphorn blowers & Rottacher Goasslschnalzer (whipcrackers)

Admission: € 7,00 per person
Free admission for children under 12 years!
Subject to COVID-19 related changes!

The festivities begin at 10:00 am with the local band marching in and giving a concert in the square. Savour local farm produce and gain an insight into the traditional handicrafts performed by the numerous craftsmen and women. From shingle making, feather quill stitching or the almost forgotten crafts such as lace, hat to soap making, you can admire a variety of rural traditions.

From approx. midday, the elaborately decorated cattle will be driven through Reith im Alpbachtal to return to their farms. The big-bellied beauties never fail to enchant onlookers. The Reither farmers adorn their cows with magnificent ribbons, colourful headpieces and cheerfully clinking bells.

While waiting for the next homecomers, alphorn blowers, "Goasslschnalzer" and numerous Tyrolean folk music groups will provide for entertainment. Food stalls, distributed through the festival area sell traditional delicacies. At the grand farmers' and food market, local farmers offer their products such as fruit from Breitenbach, Kiachl and Krapfen (sphere shaped type of doughnut) and many other delicious produce from grandma's garden. Even though the festival takes place on two Saturdays, it goes without saying that each weekend sees different livestock returning to their farms.

Tip: an excursion to the autumnal culinary Alpbachtal

  • Visit our popular excursion destinations such as Rattenberg, well known for its unique displays of glass craft, the "Lustiger Friedhof" (a humorous graveless cemetery with  beautiful wrought iron crosses) and the Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses - both in Kramsach.
  • Or, discover an Indian summer on the mountain with the Alpbachtaler Sommerbergbahnen in Reith i. A. and Alpbach. Use of the lifts is included with the Alpbachtal Card!

Transhumance in the Alpbachtal

Most people have heard of the Almabtrieb or transhumance (bringing cattle down from the mountain pastures). For Tyroleans, the Almabtrieb is as much a part of life as the daily view towards the Tyrolean mountain peaks.

But not all Almabtriebs' are the same. There are smaller events with few spectators and a 5-minute cattle drive through the village, or really big festivals. In Reith i.A., for example, the Almabtrieb has always been a fixture on the calendar of events and is still one of the highlights of the season. The Almabtrieb was never staged especially for tourists, but originates from farming tradition and down-to-earth crafts.