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Congress Centrum Alpbach Eingang
Kunst - Design - Architektur im Alpbachtal
regional artists and ingenious architecture

Art - Design - Architecture

Learn about well-known artists, contemporary art and architecture in the Alpbachtal. Pay the exhibition venues and galleries a visit - you won't be disappointed.

contemporary art & Architecture

Ever noticed the "golden angel" along the Inntal motorway or the large yellow art installation enthroned on the roundabout in Kramsach. These are just two of the works by the artist Alois SchildAlois Schild, who likes to adopt a position in public space. The Alpbachtal is home to a large number of artists who work in a wide variety of genres.

Read about sculptures, galleries, architecture, sculpture and much. Pay a visit to the Congress Centrum in Alpbach and admire the congress centre's unique architecture. The building is stylishly embedded in the villages traditional architecture.