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Lustiger Friedhof Kramsach Tirol | © Alpbachtal Tourismus
Humorous graveless cemetery in Kramsach, Tirol
"Lustiger Friedhof" Humorous Graveless Cemetery

Humorous graveless cemetery in Kramsach

The amusing and tongue-in-cheek inscriptions and epitaphs on the wrought iron crosses bring a smile to visitors faces. The museum is open in summer and winter from Tuesday to Saturday.

A cemetery without any dead?

In this "cemetery without the dead", the visitor can reflect - smiling or laughing out loud - on the reconcilable nature of becoming and passing. Over 100 grave crosses with curious inscriptions can be found at the humorous graveless cemetery in Kramsach. However, nobody is buried in this graveyard. Master stonemason and blacksmith Hans Guggenberger provided the crosses from his abundant collection. 

Over the past decades generations of Guggenbergers have collected unusual crosses in North Tyrol, South Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria. Today they can be seen at the Sagzahn Kunstschmiede private museum, which was inaugurated in 1965. The inscriptions and the crude and heartfelt wisdom on these jewels of time-honoured blacksmith's art are testimonies to the original Alpine folk humour.

Europe's largest collection of unusual burial crosses are displayed in the museum cemetery and can be viewed there all year round. Admission is free. An acute awareness to the blacksmith's handicraft tradition and the sense of local ties characterise this unique cemetery, which is considered a worldwide rarity. 

Free admission

The museum area, as well as the grave monuments on display are maintained and restored every year with great effort by the museum association. The museum management would therefore like to thank all visitors who support the museum cemetery with their donations to the offertory in the small chapel and their purchases in the museum shop..


Popular all year excursion destination

Marvel at the curiosities of days gone by at Hans Guggenbergers wrought iron forge. The "Humorous graveless cemetery" is one of the most popular museums in the Tyrol.

Barrier free

The museum is wheelchair accessible. A barrier-free WC is provided for.

How to get to the LUSTIGER FRIEDHOF in kramsach

Sagzahnschmiede Guggenberger
Hagau 82
6233 Kramsach

Tel.: +43 5337 62447