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Handwerkskunstmuseum Nagelschmiedhäuser Rattenberg
the Nailsmiths' houses

Handicraft museum Rattenberg

Learn about mining in the region and the history of Rattenberg! Admire old farmhouse furniture, Tyrolean nativity scenes or exhibits from shipping on the River Inn.   

Up until 1912, nails were still being being made in today's museum. The double-gabled house built into the rocks is one of the towns most painted and photographed motifs. 

Admire the old, originally furnished parlours and bedrooms. The way of life of centuries past are documented on numerous photo boards. Some rare antiques and showpieces tell about art and culture in Tyrol.

The large rock grotto shop stocks a wide selection of original souvenirs and gift items.

Südtiroler Straße 33
6240 Rattenberg

Tel.: +43 664 8562193