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Glaskunst in Rattenberg
Customs & rare handicraft Alpbachtal
time-honored tradition

Customs & rare handicraft

In the Alpbachtal, customs are lived and rare crafts are cherished. We would like to share with you the most interesting customs and most beautiful crafts of the region


Centuries pass, the landscape changes. What remains are the traditions and customs that are passed on from generation to generation. Discover the regions' customs in a novel way and learn, for example, why every year in June fires are lit on the mountains. Read about singing messengers, the wood drift and why the "Hex" moves from farm to farm.

rare handicraft NEWLY INTERPRETED

The Alpbachtal with its villages is known for a host of customs and ancient handicrafts. In many places tradition is still alive. This can be clearly seen when observing the proud local craftsmen at work.