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Floberry - Frische Beeren | Gutes aus Beeren | Alpbachtal

Floberry - the best of berries

Naomi and Florian Hechenblaikner make jams, chutneys, liqueurs, juices and sauces from their fresh fruit - all home-grown.

Floberry orchard and farm

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cherries grow near Matzen Park. In summer you can pick your own fruit in the orchards.

On their farm called Brandhof, they grow quinces, mountain kiwis and chokeberries (aronia berries). Only the freshest, ripe fruits are used for their products. Incidentally, the Hechenblaikners rely on natural and integrated cultivation when growing fruit.

Floberry classics include strawberry and raspberry jam. Homemade strawberry-prosecco jam, strawberry-chilli, strawberry-chocolate, blackberry-lemongrass and sweet mountain kiwis bring a change to the breakfast table.

In summer, you can buy Naomi and Florian's regional products from their little store next to the fruit orchard. Every Friday throughout the year, the farm shop at the Brandhof farm is also open.