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Mineralwasser Silberquelle und Montes in Brixlegg

Mineral water from the Alpbachtal

Mineral water is a 100% natural product. Two family businesses in the Alpbachtal produce excellent mineral water, that has its origins in the Tyrolean mountains.

The Alpbachtal is home to mountains, lakes, cultural sights and authentic offers, all packed into a very small space. The element of water is just as diverse as the range of activities on offer. Explore gurgling springs, crystal-clear mountain streams, gushing gorge waters and the warmest bathing lakes in the Tyrol. The purest form of water, however, is obtained directly from natural springs. Two family businesses in the Alpbachtal produce excellent natural mineral water:

Mineral water - a 100% natural product

On its journey from the first raindrop to the spring, the water is purified and enriched with minerals from the surrounding rock. The Gruber private spring, located in Brixlegg, offers the "finest water". SilberQuelle products are made with natural mineral water. In Münster, the family-owned company Alpquell stands for excellent quality and "the most natural Alpine mineral water". The natural Alpquell Alpine mineral water has its source up high in the Zillertal Alps.

Nothing may be added to mineral water except carbon dioxide. Its minerals come from nature. Both SilberQuelle mineral water and Alpquell mineral water each come from different areas, thus, the qualities and contents of each mineral water are different. The minerals contained must be declared on the label and are subject to strict legal regulations. This guarantees the Alpbachtal mineral waters' superior quality and its benefits for body, mind and soul.

Alpbach: first Kristall-Gemeinde in Austria

Because of its excellent water quality Alpbach was named Austria's first "Kristall-Gemeinde" (crystal municipality) by the Seibersdorf Research Centre.