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Produkte vom Bauern Regionale Produkte Alpbachtal
alpbachtaler speck And SAUSAGE speCialitIES

Sausages & speck

Experience, conscientious processing, species-appropriate animal husbandry and dedication make the Alpbachtaler sausage and bacon specialities veritable culinary deligths..

If you would like to sample really good bacon, then you've come to the right place. In the Alpbachtal, bacon is prepared according to old family recipes and smoked in the centuries-old smokeries. See for yourself on a visit to the Hechahof Speckbauer.

A warm welcome from Peter Moser and his wife Annemarie awaits you at Speckbauer Peter Moser. Experience what species-appropriate animal husbandry looks like. The Moser family lives idyllically on the mountain with 90 pigs and 100 sheep. On a visit you get an idea of how much work and heart and soul goes into producing their farm's own products.

And, of course no less important are the numerous butcher's and farm shops in the Alpbachtal. Some of them still remind us of childhood days when mass-produced goods were unheard of and personalised service as well as expert knowledge were de rigueur.