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Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses Kramsach

Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses in Kramsach

Tyrol’s largest open-air museum is situated near Lake Reintal in Kramsach. An air of nostalgia hangs over the old farms and their interesting pasts.

Experience a journey through time in the old Tyrol

In the Museum of Tyrolean Farms you will experience a journey through time in the old Tyrol. On a walk through the open-air museum, you will visit the historic farms and outbuildings from all of Tyrol's valleys. The small school is particularly worth seeing. Chickens and sheep live in the museum. Interactive stations give visitors an insight into the life of the farmers of yesteryear. And after the thirst for knowledge has been quenched, you can indulge in culinary delights at the Rohrerhof inn in the museum grounds.


The little school at Zenzl Hof. Go to school just like in the old days. A great experience for the whole family!

Top visited museum in Tyrol

The Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses situated in the midst of the Kramsach Lake Plateau waits to be discovered on a leisurely walk. Thanks to its exceptional setting a visit to this open air museum is an outdoor adventure and a refreshing outing for the whole family. A visit is like a travel through time to the days of old. 14 farms and 23 outbuildings bear witness to past days in the various Tyrolean valleys.

The difference between an art gallery and this museum is that you can walk into the exhibited objects and learn about and experience them with all your senses. Standing in the small rooms with their rough carpentry you can feel history come alive and sense the magic of the past.

Highlights in the museum

  • Farm life in the past: In seven farms, people or life in the past are projected onto the wall in the living room, kitchen, etc., so that visitors can better imagine what farm life was like in the past.
  • Platforms made of larch wood: at wonderful places in the large grounds, the platforms offer great views of the museum grounds!
  • Adventure stations especially for children:
    Building a wooden house, How do I milk a cow, Fairy tale demonstration, Nutrition Bandolino - correctly assigning food, Pig in the form of a wooden puzzle - which piece of meat belongs where, assigning a wooden cube with the correct parts to a traditional costume, Inheritance law - by means of a scale, various things have to be divided up "fairly".
  • In the entrance area, a film is shown showing how a farm was dismantled and rebuilt. There is also a large Tyrol map on the floor with the 14 farms marked on it. The founding fathers of the museum are also introduced!
  • The small school at Zenzl Hof - go to school like in the old days!

Good to know:

  • parking and bus stop at the entrance of the museum
  • Eating out in the restaurant Rohrerhof at the entrance of the museum
  • Free admission with your Alpbachtal Card
  • You can book guided tours, guided theme tours and school group tours
  • You can book the museum for photoshootings
  • The "Kirchtag" (kirmes, kermesse or fair) is held once a year originally on the church foundation anniversary. Approx. 7.000 visitors a year.
  • Family rally, rally for smart cookies (for children as from age 10). Collect a stamp for your "Treasure map"
  • Not all farms along the gravel path can be accessed by wheelchairs. A WC equipped for the disabled is situated at the entrance.

Arrival Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses Kramsach

Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe
Angerberg 10
6233 Kramsach

Tel.: +43 5337 62636