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Room in Alpbachtal
Rattenberg Advent - Tirol | Programme vom 30.11. - 22.12.2018

"Time to give"

Rattenberg Advent - Programme 2019

Eyes are lit up during a visit to this year's Rattenberger Advent. Experience this wonderful time of the year in a unique setting in Rattenberg!

This year's highlights are bound to appeal to all ages with romantic evening strolls through medieval Rattenberg and Anklöpfler (recounting the Christmas pageant) wandering through the town sharing local tradition with visitors. A particular highlight is the "Herbergsuche", where members of the Volksschauspielvereins Rattenberg enact the Nativity Play. Visitors to Saturdays main programme "Stille Nacht - Markttreiben" (Silent Night - market atmosphere) will experience the story about a simple Tyrolean folk song, that evolved into a worldwide phenomenon.

Rattenberg Advent - programme details: