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Children in Winter
Ski Juwel points ticket

Ideal for children and beginners

Ski Juwel points ticket

Adults Children
25 Points €23.50 €12.00
50 Points €44.00 €22.00
100 Points €84.50 €42.50
  • Children born: 2003-2012 (please provide photo ID)
  • Youth born: 2000-2002 (please provide photo ID)
  • Children born in 2013 and younger are free in accordance with the appropriate regulations.
  • Tickets are not transferable! Abuse will be penalised.
  • All SKI JEWEL tickets are non-contact (deposit for keycard € 2,00 for 3 and more days liftpass)
  • Prices in EURO including 10% VAT. Subject to price changes and printing errors.