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Spitalskirche | © Pfarre Rattenberg Spitalskirche | © Pfarre Rattenberg

The Spitalskirche, which has a wide pointed arch portal, was rebuilt between 1500 and 1506 by Jörg Steyrer. A ridge turret with a pointed spire towers over the church.

In its floor plan, structure and with its gallery column, the church in Rattenberg very much resembles the church in Rosenheim.

Two historic bells, cast by Lienhart Kessler and Ulrich von Rosen hang from the tower.

The altar painting shows Saint Notburga, flanked by statues of the two weather saints John and Paul. The larger-than-life baroque Christ statue on the cross is remarkable.

  • Quotidien
    09:00 - 18:00


Pfarrkirche St. Virgil
Pfarrprovisor Mag. Roland Frühauf
Pfarrgasse 8
6240 Rattenberg

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Spitalskirche | © Alpbachtal Tourismus