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A secret tip for anyone in search of tranquility is the idyllic Lake Berglstein hidden between Kramsach and Breitenbach.

In every season and weather, an easy to reach destination surrounded by trees and rocks, the lake is an idyllic place.

Berglsteinersee im Sommer | © Alpbachtal Tourismus Berglsteinersee im Sommer | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

Lake Berglstein in summer

A relaxed walk to the lake offers unforgettable moments.

Tyrol’s „Leichter Lernen Weg“ (easy learning path) with special boards showing exercises to aid learning and concentration leads from the car park through the woods to the lake. A stroll around the lake is well worthwhile.

Lake Berglstein in winter

It is hard to find a more romantic Winter walk. Lake Berglstein is one of those places that entice visitors in all weathers. On rainy days the atmosphere is almost mysterious.

How to get to Lake Berglstein

Reintalersee-Ost car park: 30 minute walk along the course of the "Leichter Lernen Forstweg" to the lake.

Berglsteinersee car park: drive past the Reintalersee-Ost car park for another approx. 3 km towards Breitenbach. Turn left at Haus past a chapel and follow the signs for Berglsteinersee. From the car park the lake is an approx. 10 minute walk. 




Oberberg 75
6252 Breitenbach

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