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Kaiserschmarrn in der Gusspfanne Spezialitäten Tirol | © Alpbachtal Tourismus |Matthias Sedlak

Wirtshaus Rohrerhof

Wirtshaus Rohrerhof on site at the Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses with cosy dining areas and a large garden terrace

Rohrerhof | © Rohrerhof Rohrerhof | © Rohrerhof

Savour typical, partly already forgotten regional delicacies, hardly to be found on menus anymore.

E.g. Breznsuppe (soup with pretzel, onion and cheese), Graukassuppe (soup made with sour milk / grey cheese), Schissalnudeln (Tyrolean pasta dish), Blutwurstgröstl (blood sausage / potato stir-fry), Unterinntaler Kirchtagskrapfen (sphere shaped type of doughnut) and more.

The Rohrerhof is at the entrance to the Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses and is accessible without having to pay the museum admission fee.

The home distilled schnapps is an ideal digestive!

10.04.2022 - 26.10.2022
  • Tuesday - Sunday
    10:00 - 18:00


Wirtshaus Rohrerhof
Ingeborg Graml
Angerberg 9
6233 Kramsach