Accessible holidays

Accessible holidays in the Alpbachtal

Alpbachtal is a holiday region that welcomes everyone. Therefore, we make great efforts to ensure that even people with limited mobility can access the most beautiful spots in our region. It starts with accessible accommodation and extends to hiking options and excursion destinations, including monoskiing in Alpbach. In fact, you can even try monoskiing with a passionate ski instructor: Sepp Margreiter offers the opportunity to experience monoskiing and receive valuable tips and tricks from an expert.

Because it matters to us, below you will find information for accessible travel and our extensive range of accessible accommodations. Additionally, we have listed the most beautiful hiking trails and excursion destinations in the region. So you can fully enjoy your vacation!

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Inclusion at the Lake Reintal

Accessible path along the lake

We strive for inclusivity at Lake Reintal, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of this natural gem. Our efforts focus on creating a welcoming environment for individuals with diverse abilities. From accessible facilities and amenities to inclusive activities, we aim to provide an enriching experience for all visitors.

At Lake Reintal, you will find accessible paths and ramps leading to the shore, allowing everyone to enjoy the stunning views and tranquil atmosphere. Our accessible facilities include wheelchair-accessible restrooms and designated parking spaces for people with disabilities. We are committed to ensuring that Lake Reintal remains a place where everyone feels welcome and can fully participate in the recreational opportunities it offers. Join us in embracing inclusivity and experience the beauty of Lake Reintal for yourself.

accessible path along lake reintal
Inclusive movement park

An inclusive movement park awaits you at Lake Reintal. This unique park has been specially designed to cater to people with diverse abilities, offering an inclusive experience.

You will find five stations where you can try various fitness and sports exercises. The movement park features accessible fitness equipment, specially designed slides, and seating areas suitable for wheelchair users.

It serves as both an accessible playground for children and a place of inclusion with barrier-free fitness equipment for everyone. Whether you are in a wheelchair or using a walker, there is something for everyone: an inclusion carousel, gymnastic rings, a wheelchair course, a wobble board, and much more.

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LEADER ist ein Förderprogramm und eine Gemeinschaftsinitiative der Europäischen Union, kofinanziert durch EU, Bund und Länder. LEADER fördert innovative Strategien, die den ländlichen Raum in seiner Entwicklung unterstützen und fördern.
Der barrierefreie Wanderweg entlang des Reintalersees wurde als LEADER-Projekt umgesetzt.

Hier gibt es alle Informationen zum LEADER-Förderprogramm.

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