Refreshing variety

Lakes and pools

Lakes and pools in the Alpbachtal

There are many different places to cool down in the Alpbachtal in summer. From rushing mountain streams to thunderous waterfalls, bubbling brooks, fascinating gorges and glittering mountain lakes, the entire region is shaped by the element of water.

It goes without saying that Alpbachtal’s bathing lakes are the most suitable place for swimming and paddling. As refreshing as a mountain stream may be, you probably prefer warmer temperatures for a family dip! And the region has plenty of bathing lakes to offer. What’s more, the bathing lakes in the Alpbachtal holiday region heat up particularly quickly, thanks to their geographical location and sunshine. This makes them the warmest bathing lakes in Tirol and a popular destination for families.

The versatile one

Lake Reintalersee

This natural bathing lake is not only one of the warmest and largest in the region, but also one of its most varied. In addition to swimming, the excellently located lake has plenty of other recreational options. Hiking trails, boat trips and even a via ferrata…find all this and more in the immediate vicinity. The overall package is rounded off by two campsites with direct access to the lake and a barrier-free hiking  trail that leads around it.

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The central one

Lake Reither Badesee

Located in the centre of Reith im Alpbachtal, Lake Reith is a real beauty. But it’s not just pretty to look at – it offers plenty of facilities for the perfect summer’s day too, from a spacious sunbathing lawn to a children’s play area, diving board, kiosk and more. There is also a popular walk around the lake.

Infos Lake Reither Badesee
The idyllic one

Lake Berglsteinersee

In the middle of the forest on the southern slope of the Voldöpperspitze there’s a hidden gem: Lake Berglstein. Its location could not be more idyllic. Far away from the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves, the rustling of the reeds and the cheerful birdsong all around. Above all, Lake Berglstein is a natural treasure to marvel at and stroll around. It’s also worth experiencing Tirol’s first Easy Learning Path, which leads around the lake.  

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Varied fun in the water

Alpbachtal’s swimming pools

The kids would rather head to a pool today than the lake? Then off you go! The Alpbachtal region boasts three spacious outdoor pools that invite young and old to take a dip: