Road Cycling
Difficulty: difficult

Road bike 14 Hinterhorn Alm

This is a more sportive variant of the "15 Oberes Inntal" tour, avoiding busy main roads leading through small villages to the left and right of the Inn Valley. The climb to the Hinterhorn Alm is only for the hardened cyclist. Omit for an easier ride.

Length 94.05 km
Duration 4:45 h
1550 hm
1550 hm

TVB Tour 14 – Hinterhorn Alm

  • Distance 95 km
  • Elevation gain 1550 m
  • Gradient max. 15 %
  • Best time early summer – late autumn
  • Grading hard

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Safety guidelines
Right-hand traffic in practice. Please obey the highway code, road safety and vehicle rules.

 Rattenberg – Jenbach – Vomp – Fritzens – Gnadenwald – Hinterhorn Alm – Hall in Tirol – Volders – Schwaz – Strass im Zillertal - Rattenberg

  • 0 km (from the start) start Rattenberg, Notburga fountain westwards take the 1st exit at the roundabout to Kramsach take the 2nd exit at the roundabout onto the L 211 to Münster continue along the road to Wiesing
  • 9,53 right Wiesing, turn-off turn right after 200 m continue along the L 215 to Jenbach
  • 12,2 left Jenbach, turn-off Sieglstraße turn right after 270 m after 400 m take 1st exit at the roundabout after 170 m turn left uphill 6,6 km along the L 215 to Stans
  • 18,8 straight Stans swimming pool continue along the road to Schwaz
  • 20,4 straight Schwaz, roundabout 2nd exit 2,7 km to Vomp Continue along the L 222
  • 24,7 right Roundabout 1st exit 3,0 km along the L 222 to Terfens
  • 27,7 right Terfens, turn-off towards Gnadenwald turn left after 1,0 km continue for 4,2 km via Maria Larch and Eggen turn right at the junction towards Gnadenwald
  • 38,2 left Gnadenwald, L 225 junction 2,7 km along the road and then turn right, 6,0 km to Hinterhorn Alm
  • 46,9 Hinterhorn Alm take the same road (descent) back
  • 52,9 right L 225 junction to Absam 5,9 km to Hall in Tirol
  • 58,8 right Hall in Tirol, roundabout 1st exit 1,0 km along the B171, train and Inn River bridge
  • 59,8 left Turn-off to Rinn / Tulfes turn left after 2,2 km onto the Volderwaldstraße 2,1 km to Volders
  • 64,1 right Volders / Karls church, B 171 church 14,8 km via Volders, Wattens, Weer to Schwaz
  • 78,9 right Schwaz – Stadtgallerie, L 218 turn-off turn left after 350m onto the Husslstraße 11,5 km along the L 218 via Buch and Rotholz to Strass
  • 90,8 half-left B 171 junction continue along the B 171 to Rattenberg
  • 95 finish Rattenberg

Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 1526
Start Rattenberg, town main square fountain
End Rattenberg, town main square fountain
Public access

Leave the motorway at the Kramsach/Alpbachtal exit, turn left towards Brixlegg/Rattenberg. Take the third roundabaout exit. Rattenbergs car parks are to the left and right after 400m (partly free of charge).

- or by bike

Public transport

Public Transport Services

Train station nearby

Parking By train to trainstation Rattenberg-Kramsach, by car to one of the both parking-areas in Rattenberg on east- and/or west-end

Helmet, sun glasses, gloves, rain proof clothing, bike outfit, first aid kit, replacement inner tube, tire lever, bike pump or cartridge, mobile phone, cash, bank card, drinking bottle, energy gel or bar, cap or bandana, leg and arm warmers.

In any case - equipment should be adapted to the time of year.

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