Alois Schild - contemporary metal sculptures

For over 40 years, the Tyrolean sculptor Alois Schild has been designing and producing large metal sculptures that are poetic fantasies on the border between sculpture, object, installation and architecture.

Alois Schild Werk | © Alois Schild
Contemporary metal sculptures

The impulse-giving material for Alois Schild was, is and remains metal. Despite the heaviness of the material and the monumentality of the workmanship, many objects have a light, almost floating character. But his signature is unmistakable: through rusting, he lets nature give his works a finishing touch .

Alois Schild takes position - gladly also in public spaces. His focus is on the integration of art in urban planning projects and the continuous promotion of intercultural encounter and tolerance through socio-political art interventions. His participation in renowned events in the art world such as the Venice and Istanbul Biennials is the culmination of 40 years of art-making.

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