Mehrner Heilwasser

since 1267 - simply good for me
Mehrner healing water activates metabolism and organ function

Mehrner Mineralheilwasser | © Mehrner Heilwasser
Mehrner Heilwasser
  • the water with the added value - drink in nature, live better.
  • pure, clear, natural
  • Calcium, magnesium, sulfate, hydrogen carbonate
  • still, alkaline, because it tastes good
  • Artesian healing water. With the powers of nature.

History: the "NOTHELFER-WATER" - for over 750 years
A healing spring has been known in Mehrn for centuries. This mineral spring, which today gives the Mehrn healing water its legitimacy, is because of its origin closely associated with the St. Bartholomew's Church in Mehrn.

According to an orally transmitted message, the history of the healing spring goes back to pre-Christian times. It is venerated as a source sanctuary, whereupon the first church was built in 1111. The healing water was first mentioned in writing in 1267. A spring from which bubbles clear, rich, tasty water with a special content. 

The newly built church was consecrated in 1698 in honour of St Bartholomew. The Fourteen Holy Helpers attain great veneration as secondary patrons, and the spring becomes known as the "Fourteen Holy Helpers Water".

At the beginning of the 19th century, the clergy by higher order felt compelled to sink the water at the consecrated site - behind the altar - due to the unruly behaviour of people when drawing water. The healing water subsequently created a new outlet at the foot of the church hill.

Around 1863, the spring was rediscovered during excavation work. As from 1878, many spectacular healing successes are reported and the reputation as a fountain of health found ever wider circles and popularity. 

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