Hall in Tirol

University town and largest old town in the province of Tyrol

Altstadt Hall im Winter Panorama | © Tourismusverband Hall-Wattens

 A voyage of discovery in a town steeped in history

You will encounter one of the most beautiful towns in Tyrol when you set off on a voyage of discovery to Hall in Tyrol, a town steeped in medieval history. One of the best-preserved old towns in Austria - by the way, even larger than Innsbruck's old town - forms a successful symbiosis with modern architectural concepts such as the salt warehouse, the UMIT university or the Parkhotel.

The tasteful buildings of Hall's old town bear witness to its past as a prosperous town: Hall became the most important economic centre in North Tyrol in the Middle Ages due to salt production. The town was already an important transhipment point for goods traded on the Inn in the Middle Ages, and the provincial mint, which was established in Hall from the middle of the 15th century, contributed significantly to the further economic upswing. The Haller Taler (called Guldiner) developed into the worldwide monetary system such as the American dollar or the Chinese yuan. Today Hall is a vibrant small town full of joie de vivre, where you can experience varied shopping opportunities and stylish hospitality between walls steeped in history. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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