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European Forum Alpbach

Origin of the European Forum Alpbach

The well-known science forum has been held annually in Alpbach since 1945 and deals with interdisciplinary topics.

In 1945, Otto Molden (then a Viennese student) founded the International College Weeks in Alpbach together with Simon Moser (then a lecturer in philosophy in Innsbruck), from which the European Forum Alpbach emerged.

Otto Molden was President of the Austrian College from 1945 to 1960 and from 1971 to 1992 as the sponsor of the European Forum Alpbach and had a significant influence on its character. Above all, he contributed to the development of the International University Weeks into a broad-based forum for dialogue involving science, politics, business and the arts, and counted European unification among his most important concerns.

Simon Moser voted for an academic-scientific orientation of the European Forum Alpbach. He was the main scientific advisor of the European Forum Alpbach from 1945 to 1974 and Vice-President of the supporting association.

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The European Forum Alpbach nowadays

Every year from mid-August to early September, 4,500 visitors from 80 nations, including 750 scholarship holders, are guests in the Tyrolean mountain village of Alpbach.

The Forum is organised by the non-profit association Europäisches Forum Alpbach in Vienna

The venue is the Congress Centrum Alpbach. Room reservations for speakers, journalists and scholarship holders will be handled by the Congress Centrum Alpbach

Room reservations for participants will be handled by the Alpbachtal Tourism Association.

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Room bookings

Booking requests participants only online:

We ask you to submit your booking request via the online booking platform so that individual requests and questions can be processed even faster. You will receive access directly with your registration confirmation from the EFA.

You can register for the respective talks at

Processing room requests:

We will be happy to process your request as quickly as possible. Since our staff wants to respond to individual requests and questions as best as possible, we ask for your understanding that there may be short waiting times,

Room situation in Alpbach:

The number of rooms available in Alpbach is very limited and almost entirely reserved for the accommodation of the large number of speakers (who speak at the EFA free of charge) and partners of the EFA. We are happy to offer rooms in the region, where many very high-quality houses are available within short distances. On the part of the EFA, in addition to public transport in the region, an extended mobility concept is offered, which makes public transport to and from your accommodation in all towns in the Alpbach area possible without any problems. More detailed information on the EFA website.