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Difficulty: Easy

Day 1: 3-day Alpbachtal family tour

The first day of the 3-day family tour takes you from beautiful Alpbach to the rustic Holzalm. There are plenty of things for children to discover along the way, ...  

Length 6.31 km
Duration 3:00 h
554 hm
67 hm

Day 1: Alpbach - Steinweg - Hösljoch - Holzalm --> approx. 3 - 4 h

The family tour starts in the charming village of Alpbach and leads past beautiful geraniums of vibrant colours decorating the balconies of the traditional wooden houses. After a few minutes' walk, you leave the village centre behind you and hike through lush green mountain meadows walking upwards through the cooling woods. Continue along the scenic "Steinweg" to the viewing platform and the Hösl Saddle. The viewing platform rewards you with far-reaching views over the Alpbach Valley. Allow yourself a pause at the Hösl Chapel or dip your feet into the cooling Hösl Pond. 

Clear the way for treasure hunters!

From the "Hösl" pond follow the signs for the "Holzalm" via the "Kupfersteig/Kaiserbründl" * passing eroded gravel gullies with accumulated ore rocks. Every now and then you will see turquoise streaked grey rock. Thousands of years ago, copper ores were mined around the ridge top, and malachite, azurite and other minerals can still be found today. A paradise for stone collectors! With your treasures safely packed away in your rucksack hike on to the destination of this stage, the rustic Holzalm. The hut lives up to its name, it is built entirely of wood. A cosy stop and overnight stay await you at the idyllic Holzalm.

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Copper ore has been mined and wrought in the area since ancient times. Discoveries prove the existence of first settlements 6300 years ago and findings document the beginning of copper mining from the local deposits approx. 3500 years ago. Scattered findings around the Kaiserbründl and Gratlspitze also indicate prehistoric ore mining in this area. The name Thierberg (former name for Gratlspitze) is specifically mentioned towards the end of the middle ages in a list of goods from 1416 as a copper ore source. The mines on Gratlspitze are several kilometers long. Numerous tunnels and shafts were dug in order to find the ore. Towards the end of the middle ages, the silver found in the ore was of greater importance than that of prehistoric times as it was used in the minting of coins.

The visible tunnel entrance on this plateau is the mouth to the Oberfund one of the main adits from where mining was done by Grubenhunt (wooden cart, which the miners used). Lower down easily identified by their dumps are the Unterfund adit and the Peter adit. Mining ceased here in the mid-19th century.

Author’s recommendation

Treasure hunters take note! On this stage your rucksack will probably get a little heavier - along the hike there are numerous colourful stones in the most beautiful shades of turquoise - these treasures have to be collected, of course!

Safety guidelines

Please remember to take enough water with you. Especially children need a lot of liquid when hiking!


Day 1: walk uphill from the car park at the beginning of the village - turn right walking throught the village, past the church and the Hotel Böglerhof - turn left after the hotel - follow the path leading past the regular guests woods - follow the signs for „Steinweg“ - turn right again towards the "Hösljoch" - Allow yourself a pause at the Hösl Chapel or dip your feet into the cooling Hösl Pond - follow the signs for the "Holzalm" via the "Kupfersteig/Kaiserbründl" * passing eroded gravel gullies with accumulated ore rocks - The Berggasthof Holzalm is where you spend your first night.


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Stage tour
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 1520
Start Alpbach village centre
End Berggasthof Holzalm
Public access

A12, motorway exit Kramsach/Brixlegg, towards Brixlegg, via the Alpbachtal to Alpbach

Public transport



at the beginning of the village


Sturdy shoes and protective clothing

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