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Difficulty: medium

Day 2: 4 days - 4 summits tour

Day 1: from Kramsach via Voldöppberg/Voldöpper Spitze to Brandenberg --> approx. 5 - 6 h Day 2: from Brandenberg -> Jocheralm -> Kienberg -> Pinegg --> 6 - 7 h Day 3: from Pinegg via Aschau, Anderl´s Hütte to Lake Zirein and the Bayreuther Hütte --> approx. 7- 8 h  Day 4: from the Bayreuther Hütte - walk back down to the valley and the starting point --> approx. 2 h    

Length 20.25 km
Duration 7:00 h
1198 hm
1451 hm

Day 2: from Brandenberg via the Jocheralm to Kienberg descent to Pinegg --> 6 - 7 hours

From Brandenberg walk along the pavement towards "Winkel" for approx. 3 km to the "Kink/Pumphaus" intersection. Follow the signs for Jocheralm/Kienberg/Plessenberg along the steep uphill road. At the cattle grid turn left approx. 300 m uphill via a forest track to the signpost "Alter Steig". One can now either follow the forest track to the Jocheralm or take the "Alter Steig" - a nice alternative to the tarmacked road (after the forest track intersection take the path to the right). From the Jocheralm turn left and follow the signs for "Kienberg/Plessenberg". For those up for a challenge hike along the route via Heuberg and the Heuberg saddle to the 1.743 m high Plessenberg (marvellous views over the Inn Valley – additional hiking time 1h 30 min) and back via the Heuberg saddle and towards Kienberg to the tours highest point at 1.786 m. The easier descent leads from the Jocheralm directly to Kienberg (in approx. 3 h 30 min, omiting the Plessenberg). From the cross hike downhill to the “Einkehr“ and „Heubrand“ huts on to "Prama" and then steep downhill to Pinegg.

Round trip
Public transport connection
Max. Altitude 1786
Start Brandenberg
End Brandenberg/Pinegg
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach, towards Kramsach and Brandenberg
Public transport www.vvt.at
Parking Brandenberg village centre
Equipment Descending from the Heuberg demands sure-footedness! Sturdy shoes and protective clothing
Brandenberg Dorfzentrum Brandenberg Dorfzentrum
  • Blick in Richtung Tal auswärts - Brandenberg Blick in Richtung Tal auswärts - Brandenberg
  • Blick in Richtung Aschau Blick in Richtung Aschau
  • Front View | © Gwercherwirt Front View | © Gwercherwirt
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