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Difficulty: medium

Postalm from Münster

Lovely hike to the beautiful Kniepass Chapel leading to Postalm.

Length 11.81 km
Duration 4:00 h
610 hm
610 hm
The hike begins in the village center of Münster and leads you from the district of Grünsbach on a forest path through a picturesque landscape in many serpentines up to the Kniepass Chapel. The trail winds its way through the woods and repeatedly offers views of the surrounding countryside.

Once you have reached the Kniepass Chapel, you can take a short break and enjoy the tranquillity of this spiritual place. From there, the trail continues on a relaxed loop via the unmanaged Postalm back to Grünsbach and finally to the starting point of the hike.

With an elevation gain of only 600 meters and a walking time of around 4 hours, this tour is easily doable and is perfect for a relaxing day in nature. Enjoy the fresh air, the impressive views and the peace and quiet far away from everyday life on this pleasant hike.

Round trip
Max. Altitude 1097
Start Münster
End Münster
Public access A12 highway exit Wiesing, direction Münster

or via the L211 from Kramsach to Münster

Public transport www.vvt.at Bus 601
Parking City centre
Equipment Hiking equipment such as hiking boots, hiking poles, headgear, drinks, snacks and even a camera
Postalm Münster | © Sandrine Stock Postalm Münster | © Sandrine Stock
  • Kniepass Kapelle Münster Kniepass Kapelle Münster
  • Wiesen Münster | © Birgit Angermair Wiesen Münster | © Birgit Angermair
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