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"Ort der Stille" - Dach für alle Religionen

The nonagonal building is perched in a lovely spot behind the Hotel Böglerhof in Alpbach.

Ort der Stille innen Ort der Stille innen

The building's pointed wooden roof is covered in wooden shingles. The foundations form an enneagon.

The nine enneagonal columns represent the nine types of human beings and the human creation of different religions and denominations. The fountain in the centre symbolises the source of life and divine energy; the bowl represents femininity and receptiveness and the glass stele in the centre masculinity and transparency.

A visit can easily be fit in on a walk through the village.

  • Quotidien
    09:00 - 21:00


Karin Duftner
Alpbach 166
6236 Alpbach