Why Alpbach is the most beautiful village in Austria

A place of idyllic magnificence and beauty: Alpbach in the midst of the Kitzbühel Alps. Alpbach owes its title "Austria's Most Beautiful Village" to its uniform, traditional wooden architecture and its abundance of colourful flowers. The Tyrolean municipality is also characterised by many other special features - our summary provides the most important information!

As soon as you stand in the centre of Alpbach, you will immediately notice that tradition, customs and craftsmanship are very important to the inhabitants of this quaint mountain village, whose rich tradition stems from its long seclusion in an Alpine location: the connecting road to the valley has only existed since 1926.

Why Alpbach is different...

Preserving and maintaining our long-standing traditions is still an important concern for us. In order to preserve the original Alpbach architectural style in the long term, precise guidelines for new buildings were laid down in an ordinance in 1953, and these still apply today.
The alpine architecture - always focussing on wood - gives the picturesque mountain village its special charm.

Summer in Alpbach

In spring and summer, Alpbach's award-winning floral splendour comes to life - and is enthusiastically admired by locals and guests alike. On the wooden balconies, on window sills and in the gardens you can admire the lush variety of flowers. Humming and buzzing can be heard everywhere, while bees busily fly from flower to flower. The abundance of flowering plants generally attracts many insects to the region - a valuable contribution to living sustainability.

Good to know: Thanks to optimum transport connections and the regions ideal location you can can reach your holiday resort using sustainable options, such as trains and Regiobuses.
And best of all: public transport in the region is free of charge with the Alpbachtal Card!

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Winter in Alpbach

In winter, Alpbach is transformed into a magical winter wonderland. Thick blankets of snow cover the roofs of the unique wooden houses. Thanks to guaranteed snow, winter sports lovers find ideal conditions in one of the most popular winter sports areas in the Tyrol: from three valley stations in Alpbach, bring you directly to the Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau ski area. Enjoy your favourite winter sport to the full on 113 kilometres of slopes.

Winter in Alpbach!
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Alpbach insider knowledge

The rustic mountain village on a sunny plateau in the Alpbach Valley delights its visitors with its uniform appearance and gorgeous abundance of flowers. There are countless unique and traditional features that give the village its unique charm, such as the typical dialect or traditional Alpbach furniture.

Apart from the fact that Alpbach is considered the "Most Beautiful Village in Austria", the village is among the leaders in preserving old traditions. More than twenty hereditary farms (in German "Erbhof") prove witness: on average, the farmsteads in the region have been in the individual families for over 300 years - much longer than the 200 years that define a hereditary farm.

There is much to discover in terms of cuisine. You must try the delicious Kaiserschmarren, Löffelmilch (= spoon milk) made according to a secret Alpbach recipe and Melchermus!

Discover all the Alpbach specialities

How do I get to Alpbach?

Whether you're driving your own car or using public transport, we'll show you how to get to us.


Interested in scientific & political topics?

In summer science plays an important role in the region. In Alpbach, the focus indeed lies on tradition and valued principles, but together with modern themes:

The unique village is world-renowned for scientific and political exchange. Great thinkers and clever minds are drawn to the Congress Centrum in Alpbach for the annual European Forum Alpbach. Once you've noticed the reflecting glass surfaces peeking out between the rustic wooden houses, you have discovered the exception to the Alpbachtal architectural style: the Congress Centrum Alpbach. In order to preserve the traditional appearance of the village, the Congress Centrum Alpbach has been cleverly integrated into the mountain in a spiral shape.