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Les gorges du Kaiser à Brandenberg

Fascinating hike through the Kaiser Gorge carved out by the river's waters.

Kaiserklamm | © Alpbachtal Tourismus Kaiserklamm | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

Timber was a major source of income in the Brandberg valley until the 20th century. The rushing stream waters were used to drift logs down the valley. Thanks to the trails made by lumberjacks over the centuries the Tiefenbach and the Kaiser Gorges are accessible to the public.
Although the trails are suitable for children, great care should be taken! Safety harness rentals for children are available at Gasthaus Kaiserhaus free of charge.

Hike through the Kaiser Gorge

From the Kaiserhaus to the end of the gorge approx. 1 km and approx. 30 minutes walking time. Take the gorge path or the forestry road back.

Please obey safety rules when walking with children!!!
You can rent climbing belts and a safety leashes for children at Gasthof Kaiserhaus in Brandenberg (refundable deposit: € 20,00)

A sturdy pair of shoes, surefootedness and a good head for heights are necessary. Gorges are not exempt to Alpine dangers. In case of bad weather we strongly recommend not to hike through gorges.

Due to safety reasons the gorges are closed between November and April and on days with heavy rain.

Parking subject to charge

at the entrance to the Kaiser Gorge the machines accept cash and bank/credit cards.

up to 6 hours: € 3,00

Full day:         € 5,00

Bus full day:   € 10,00

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