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Pfarrkirche Alpbach St. Oswald

The church was first mentioned in 1369, a larger one was built in 1420 in honor of St. Oswald, a Northumbrian king.

Pfarrkirche Alpbach Innenansicht | © Alpbachtal Tourismus Pfarrkirche Alpbach Innenansicht | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

The church steeple dates back to these times, too. The existing church was built in 1720 in Baroque style. The altars were designed by the local artist family Bletzacher. The organ was built in 1777 by Ferdinand Fuchs and expanded in 1954, the beautiful Rococo facade was preserved. The churchyard is also worth a visit!

The church is never locked!


Pfarrkirche St. Oswald
Pfarrer Franz Bachmaier
6236 Alpbach

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