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Etruskische Inschriften

European cultural heritage in the Brandenberg Alps at the foot of the Schneidjoch

Etruskische Inschriften | © Alpbachtal Tourismus Etruskische Inschriften | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

1958, inscriptions were discovered and scientifically examined. It can be assumed the North-Etruscan - Rhaetian alphabet inscriptions date back to the last pre-Christian centuries.

The University of Vienna science department were able to decipher that Count Kastrie Etunnu and his sons immortalized themselves here almost three thousand years ago. The scientist and ophthalmologist Hans-Walter Roth from Ulm using state-of-the-art photography and laser technology brought even more to light including hundreds of details about the mysterious inscriptions at the foot of the Schneidjoch.

The letters are classified as REX  ATLI meaning:
dating back to the times King Attila (452 BC) traversed the Schneidjoch on his way to Italy to invading Rome.
The inscriptions are approx. 45 minutes from the Gufferthütte.


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