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Radfelder Pestsäule

The Kremerstadl was used by wealthy Rattenberg innkeepers and brewers. They needed a storage space to stock their wares, which was not available in their town houses. Therefore, they built their "Stadln" (barns) at the gates of the town. The only one that still exists is the Kremerstadl.

Kremerstadl Radfeld | © Innerbichler Helmut Kremerstadl Radfeld | © Innerbichler Helmut

Besides the Kremerstadl other brewers had storage houses in Radfeld such as the Mölggstadl (burned down), Platzbräustadl and Klausbräustadl (had to be moved due to railworks).

The Kremerstadl is named after the well-known Rattenberg brewer "Kremer" (Kremerbräu), who is documented as an innkeeper as early as 1630. From 1675 onwards, Christoph Kremer appears as a brewer, who had already practised the craft of a beer brewer in Bohemia for 11 years. He rebuilt the Kremer brewery in the town with the money he had earned abroad. His descendants married into the Hassauer family of innkeepers, who were innkeepers, brewers and mayors in Rattenberg for several generations. Thus the Kremerbräuhaus and also the property in Radfeld were added to the Hassauer family's possessions. Through business acumen and diligence, they acquired huge plots of land in Radfeld. The Hassauers were also passionate cattle breeders and therefore needed a large stable with a barn. Johann Karl Hassauer had the original building "rebuilt from scratch" around 1890.

When the first structure was erected has not yet been researched, but it was probably in the 17th century. In November 1809, Bavarian troops camped at the barns outside town for over three weeks before moving on to Schwaz and setting fire to Schwaz. The brewery was abandoned in 1911. Through marriage, the property was passed onto the Weber and later to the Laimgruber family. The building is a listed building.

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