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Exhibition "Craftsmanship. Between cliché and everyday life"

Čtvrtek října 06 2022
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  • Sobota, 06 srpna 2022 - Pondělí, 31 října 2022
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"Craftsmanship. Between cliché and everyday life"
Exhibition: 6th Aug – 31st Oct 2022, Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses, Kramsach

For the first time, the Netzwerk Handwerk association and the Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses are collaborating on a project. Curated by architect Christian Dummer, the exhibition "Craftsmanship. Between cliché and everyday life" at the Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses in Kramsach offers glimpses behind the scenes of craftmanship in the Tyrol.

When speaking of Tyrolean craftsmanship images of traditional handicrafts quickly come to the mind. But the term encompasses much more. The plumber is just as much a part of Tyrolean craftsmanship as is the tailor who makes the traditional costumes, the roof tile maker as well as the guilder.

In the exhibition "Craftsmanship. Between cliché and everyday life", Netzwerk Handwerk explores the question of how authentic and genuine craft is - and can be - in times of globalisation and low-cost production. The history and development of specific crafts is highlighted with the help of nine objects that seem unusual at first glance, such as a pressure receptacle, a stuffed marten or a lump of clay. Video installations show five protagonists at work and offer insights into their values, their corporate philosophy and their attitude to their profession. Reflected in a "work collage" consisting of newspaper clippings, quotes and book excerpts are the various professions, craftsmen and craftswomen. Materials can be experienced visually and haptically - from clay to concrete to pine wood, flax or stoat hair.

The special exhibition explores the question of what connects such different craftsmen and women - such as the guilder Maria Birbamer-Zott, whose craft has hardly changed in recent centuries, and the plumber Anton Pletzer, who runs a company with 170 employees and several locations in Tyrol. What is the link between the Milchbuben, who successfully occupy a niche with their cheese products or Peter Bucher, who now exports his handmade roof slabs worldwide? What have the traditional costume tailor Helene Mayr and the interior decorator Anton Buchmayr or the painter Rainer Höck have in common?

In their approaches and in their daily work, they and craftsmen such as the tanner Martin Trenkwalder, the confectioner Reinhard Hacker, the spectacle maker and optician Bernhard Bichler, the carpenters Klaus Misslinger, Max and Markus Schlemaier or the restorer Johannes Schroll show what qualities craftsmen and craftswomen bring today and must bring in the future in order to survive in a globalized world. Together with its visitors, "Craftsmanship. Between cliché and everyday life" analyses beyond clichés the qualities of contemporary craftsmanship in the Tyrol.

Netzwerk Handwerk is an initiative for quality and design in crafts in the Kitzbühel-Kufstein region.

The group strives to raise awareness and mediation on the subject of crafts and design, the joint exchange and visibility of crafts, craftsmen and craftswomen as well as the areas of crafts & creativity and crafts & youth. Netzwerk Handwerk is funded by the Federal Government, the Province of Tyrol and the European Union (EFRE-IWB).

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  • Sobota, 06 srpna 2022 - Pondělí, 31 října 2022
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  • Místo : Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses


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