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A secret tip for anyone in search of tranquility is the idyllic Lake Berglstein hidden between Kramsach and Breitenbach.

In every season and weather, an easy to reach destination surrounded by trees and rocks, the lake is an idyllic place.

Naturjuwel Berglsteinersee im Sommer | © Alpbachtal Tourismus Naturjuwel Berglsteinersee im Sommer | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

Our favourite spot

The rocks of the petrified lovers at Berglsteinersee

A relaxed walk to the lake offers unforgettable moments. A stroll around the lake is well worthwhile. According to the legend, the lake unites a pair of lovers in the still water. The pair of lovers can be seen as two small islands. Visit both Lake Berglstein and Lake Reintal on a gentle hike.

The legend of the petrified lovers

Near Breitenbach, near the Mooswand lies the small idyllic Lake Berglstein, at the foot of the ruins of Gückenbühl Castle. A gloomy legend shrouds its veils around the lake and the castle. The knight's beautiful daughter fell in love with a good, but poor hunter. In fury, the proud lord of the castle had set his dogs on the hunter and chased him out of the castle grounds. The fugitive fell into the lake and drowned. The knights daughter often went down to the lake to mourn the loss of her beloved. On an occasion when she was melancholically gazing into the lake, the deadly pale face of the hunter appeared. With a cry, the girl threw herself into the water. The lovers were now united in death. They rise petrified as two small islands from the still waters of the Alpine lake.

Tour tips:

  • Tyrol’s Leichter Lernen Weg (easy learning path) with special boards showing exercises to aid learning and concentration leads in approx. 30 minutes from the car park through the woods to the lake. A stroll around the lake is well worthwhile.
  • Discover the lake on a romantic winter walk through the forest. Lake Berglstein with its mystical atmosphere capitvates visitors in fine weather and on rainy days.

How to get there:

Lake Reintal East car park: 30 minute walk along the "Leichter Lernen Forstweg" to the lake.
Lake Berglstein car park: past the Lake Reintal East car park for 3 km towards Breitenbach. At "Haus" turn left, past the chapel and follow the signs for Lake Berglstein. After 10 minutes you reach the lake. 


Oberberg 75
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