Alpbachtal Haymilk Cheese

Every day, 70 farmers from the Alpbachtal deliver the valuable haymilk and organic haymilk to the alpine dairy in Reith im Alpbachtal. The silage-free milk is processed into a wide variety of cheeses without the use of chemicals or genetic engineering.

The idea of jointly processing the fresh milk from the Alpbachtal farmers into delicious dairy products was realised in 1945 with the founding of the Reith im Alpbachtal dairy. Since then, it has been constantly expanded and renovated.


Quality first

The Alpbachtaler Heumilchkäserei is supplied with the best meadow and haymilk from 70 haymilk suppliers. In summer, the milk is also delivered fresh from 10 alpine pastures. 22 farmers supply the Alpbachtaler Heumilchkäserei with the purest organic milk.

The quality of this milk has already won many awards. Gentle processing, plenty of time for maturing and working according to strict quality control turns the milk into  top-quality products that taste good and do not require chemicals or genetic engineering. The experience and adherence to consistency of the master cheesemakers guarantee quality and the best taste. The environment is of great concern to us. The short journey times and the low packaging costs are a contribution to the protection of our sensitive habitat.

Award AMA Genuss Region

The quality of this milk is confirmed by the fact that the farmers have been awarded the Austrian Milk Quality Seal on numerous occasions. The Alpbachtaler Heumilchkäserei was therefore awarded the AMA Genuss Region designation by Agrarmarkt Austria.

The cheese dairy in Reith im Alpbachtal produces many different types of cheese, such as the "Alpbachtaler Hornkäse", the "Alpbachtaler Kellergold", the "Alpbachtaler Stange" and the "Alpbachtaler Bierkäse". Taste your way through the delicious Alpbachtaler cheese world!