Regional Alpbachtal Products

So schmeckt das Alpbachtal

Nachhaltigkeit und Slow Food kommen gut an. Jeder Produzent im Alpbachtal hat seine eigene Spezialität auf Lager. Artgerechte Tierhaltung, kurze Wege und die frische der Produkte garantieren Tirol pur und echten Geschmack. 

Was sind die typischen Produkte aus dem Alpbachtal?

Wo soll man da anfangen... Die Region hat enorm vieles zu bieten. Hier entdeckst du die ganze Vielfalt der regionalen Produkte aus dem Alpbachtal. Zu den Spezialitäten zählen sicherlich der prämierte Alpbachtaler Heumilchkäse, die süße Prügeltorte, herzhafter Speck, knackiges Obst und Gemüse, zartes Fleisch vom Tiroler Vieh und erfrischendes Bier aus heimischer Produktion.

Cheese & dairy products

Creamy and delicate, it melts on the tongue. It has a spicy taste. And when you taste it on an alpine pasture, the pleasure is perfect. Alpbachtaler cheese is unique. The basis for this is created by the many farmers in the region with their natural product - the finest raw milk.

I want cheese!

You don't have to climb mountains for a long time to get the best dairy products from the region. Whether butter, yoghurt, cheese, whey or milk: We in the Apbachtal have countless "Ab Hof Produzenten" (local farmers who produce their own products and sell them directly) and farm shops that sell the best from the finest alpine milk.

Our tip: Try it for yourself and let yourself be convinced by what is on offer on site. Our experts at the counters, alpine pastures, farms or in the shops will be happy to tell you which speciality of the house will melt in your mouth.

Sausage & bacon

Experience, conscientious processing, species-appropriate animal husbandry and sufficient time make the Alpbachtal sausage and bacon specialities a true pleasure.

If you want to try really good bacon, then Alpbachtal is the place to be. Here, bacon is prepared according to an old family recipe and smoked in the centuries-old Speckselche. You can see this for yourself when you visit the Hechahof bacon farmers. 

You will also be warmly welcomed by bacon farmer Peter Moser and his wife Annemarie and experience what species-appropriate animal husbandry looks like. The Moser family lives idyllically on the mountain with 90 pigs and 100 sheep, and you will get an idea of how much work and heart and soul goes into the production of their farm products. 

And not to forget our numerous butcher's shops and farm shops in the Alpbachtal. Some of them still remind us of childhood days when there was no question of mass-produced goods and the personality at the counter had expert knowledge of the finest pieces.


Traditional bakers & pastry shops

Genuinely handmade: quality, time and love of the craft are lived out in the region's traditional bakeries and confectioners. Traditional baker's and confectioner's craft is practised with a lot of passion and diligence.

When the last night owls gradually find their way to bed at 1 a.m., the master bakers in the Alpbachtal are already up again to start their day's work. And this diligence at an early hour pays off. Because you can taste handmade quality.

Our village and traditional bakers place great value on homemade baked goods. The assortment ranges from various types of brown and wholemeal bread to numerous white bread varieties. Sweet delicacies are also on offer. Genuine farmhouse bread is also available in the Alpbachtal. Here we have listed our traditional bakers and farm shops for you.


Fruit & vegetables from the Alpbachtal

You can enjoy colourful vitamin bombs in the most diverse variations. Whether pure, as a fruity spread or syrup - let the sweet fruits melt in your mouth.

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cherries grow near Matzenpark. You can pick the fruit yourself at the orchard in summer. It is the plantation Floberry of Naomi and Florian Hechenblaikner. The two make lacy jams, chutneys, liqueurs and much more from fresh fruit. If you are on your way to the Berglsteinersee, you can stop by the farm shop Bauernhof Kruckenhaus. You can take home homemade jams, liqueurs and much more at the self-service shop. Heiselere's farm shop in Radfeld is open three times a week and offers regional products. Stop by and let yourself be pampered.