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EV charging point at the fire brigade building in Alpbach

The e-charging (type 2) facility at the fire brigade building (next to the phone booth) is provided by A1 Telekom Austria AG

E-Tankstelle bei Feuerwehrgebäude Alpbach | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

How to use the EV charging point:

Until further notice the use of the charging point with a contactless fuel card or via SMS is free of charge. The only fee that occurs is the SMS tariff A1 charges your respective phone provider.

Your vehicle must be parked in the designated area next to the charging point. The road-traffic regulations (StVO) apply at all times. Acess to the charging point is single-lane. Use of the charging point is at your own risk.

Charger: type 2 , 11 kW



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