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EV charging point in Alpbach village centre

A TIWAG (Tiroler Wasserkraft AG) EV charging point can be found in the village centre.

Elektrotankstelle bei der Gemeinde | © TIWAG

TIWAG is Tyrols largest energy supplier. They are pushing ahead to put in place extensive nationwide coverage for battery, vehicle and battery charging infrastructure, particularly in areas with high visitor frequency. A modern EV charging point was errected together with the Gemeinde Alpbach and the Hotel Böglerhof.

The TIWAG standard charging systems have four ports with 22,2 kW maximum output. The type 2-port delivers sufficient power to fully charge an average E-vehicle with lower remaining range in approx. 45 minutes. Use of the charging stations is available to non-TIWAG customers by accessing a QR-code. The charging procedure is recorded by a metre and TIWAG customers are debited via the monthly bill. The costs can also be settled wih a credit card or PayPal.

Power for all TIWAG-charging sytems is 100 % sourced from clean and sustainable eco-power enabling users to make their contribution to climate and environment protection.

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TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG
Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz 2
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