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Animal welfare is top priority at the Wimmerhof!

Martin und Markus Gögl vom Wimmerhof | © Martin Gögl

The Moosfeld in Kramsach with its wide fields is a veritable playground for Wima's animals. They are well looked after by the Gögl family.

All year round, the duroc pigs are allowed to decide for themselves. They can wallow and dig around in the mud or sleep in the warm stable on a thick layer of straw without a slatted floor! Due to their slow growth, the meat has plenty of time to develop its full flavour.

The Duroc specialities are available in the region, especially at the

  • Dorfwirt in Reith im Alpbachtal
  • Bankgeheimnis in Kundl
  • Gasthof Gappen in Kramsach

The meat can also be ordered in advance directly from the farm.

Likewise, bronze turkeys and chickens are bred for meat sales.

The eggs sold at the Wimmerhof are laid by free-range held and happy chickens, that spend their time pecking and scratching.

The eggs are available either directly at the farm in Voldöpp or at the egg vending machine directly in the centre of Kramsach (opposite Floresther/Raiffeisenbank).

Opening hours
Always open

Farm sale - Duroc pork, turkey or chicken by prior orders.

NEW from April: egg vending machine in the centre of Kramsach (opposite Floresther/Raiffeisenbank)

Markus Gögl
Voldöpp 35
6233 Kramsach