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European Travel Insurance

You are optimally covered with the European Travel Insurance "Hotel Storno Plus"! We recommend taking out a ERV cancellation insurance for your holiday booking.

Safety first

Should you not be able to start your holiday because you unexpectedly fall ill or due to any other unforeseeable event, we advise you take out cancellation coverage.

Tip: with just one click, you can automatically take out your travel insurance when booking your accommodation. In this case, the insurance coverage applies immediately.

You did not take out an insurance when booking? You can still do so at a later point: but in this case, the insurance cancellation coverage applies only from day 10 after conclusion. All other insurance benefits are not subject to a waiting period and apply in full immediately.

Insurance Coverage

It's annoying enough if you have to end your holiday early or can't even start your travels. Thanks to the Europäische Reiseversicherung with Hotelstorno-Plus insurance, at least there are no financial disadvantages to worry about.

One receives reimbursement of costs in the case of:

  • Failure to commence the journey
  • Cancellation of the trip
  • Delayed commencement of the booked stay
  • Involuntary extension of the holiday
  • Search and rescue costs

The reasons that prevent a holiday from starting or require it to be cancelled prematurely are manifold. If the worst comes to the worst, the process is simple and straightforward. You can conveniently take out Europäische Reiseversicherung online - ideally with just one click when booking your accommodation!