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Difficulty: Easy

Barrier-free path Lake Reintal

In 2022, a barrier-free path was built along Lake Reintal in Kramsach. Enjoy a carefree day at the lake and in nature.

Length 6.52 km
Duration 1:45 h
15 hm
15 hm

If you want to enjoy nature at the lake or spend a day swimming, then Lake Reintal in Kramsach is the ideal place for you. The newly built barrier-free path along the lake offers everything your heart desires!

Incidentally, the trail runs for the most part along existing pathways. Priority was given to the fulfilment of accessibility (slopes, path width, lateral inclination, surface texture) and also to minimal interference in nature. Sections of the path were constructed as wooden footbridges, small bank sections were rehabilitated, not required path sections were restored to their original condition and bank areas were reforested.

Please note that this is not a loop trail around the lake but a route from A to B. However, this is not a disadvantage; each visitor can decide for himself which section to discover.

Our top recommendation for your day at the lake:

The trail starts at the western end of Lake Reintal in Kramach and initially leads down to the lake in flat, wide loops. Here you will already find the first bench inviting you to linger. The slope is easily manageable with a wheelchair. Continue past the barbecue area and the MU beach sunbathing lawn on your right and follow the path eastwards until you reach the Fischerstube restaurant. Decide for yourself whether you want to stop there now or later.

The beautifully landscaped path continues to the Kohlerwiese sunbathing lawn. Here you now have the opportunity to drive your wheelchair directly to the water via a newly built ramp and to swim from the end of the jetty.

Next, explore the east bank. The wide path leads past the Haflingerhof to the campsites. From here you reach the well-signposted trail on Lake Reintal's southern shore, which leads up to the southern tip. The view of the lake is indescribably beautiful from here, too!

In a mere hour you can reach Lake Reintal's most southern tip from the car park West. The trail leads back to the starting point along the same route.

Distances along the route:

Car park West - Restaurant Fischerstube: 300 m

Car park  West - Kohlerwiese sunbathing lawn / ramp: 800 m

Car park West - campsites: 2000 m

Car park  West - southern most tip: 3400 m

Our tips for wheelchair users:

  • Parking: For the physically impaired using a wheelchair or walker, we recommend parking directly at the car park west. There are two parking spaces for the disabled right next to the parking ticket machine (note: parking fee applicable for cars with disabled parking permit).
  • Arrival by public transport: bus stop Kramsach car park West
  • WC: Right at the start (car park west ) after the first few metres is a barrier-free WC by the lake.
  • Places serving food and drinks: The Fischerstube restaurant offers barrier-free access - it is best to call ahead, as the official entrance is via a staircase. Unfortunately, the terrace is not barrier-free accessible, but nevertheless the beautiful restaurant area with panoramic windows is perfect for a stop.
  • Swimming: The shallow sloping ramp at the Kohlerwiese sunbathing lawn leads directly into the lake and is the ideal entry point for swimming experiences.
  • The route: The barrier-free trail at Lake Reintal is not a circular hike, but leads from A to B and back again. The missing 500 m are unmanageable with a wheelchair.
  • Spots for a pause: there are several areas along the trail where one can stop for a break.
  • Exercise park: An exercise park with barrier-free elements was built right at the start at the MU beach. Lakeside fitness is the order of the day!

The ideal way to combine culture and nature:

The largest open-air museum in Tyrol is located just a stones' throw from Lake Reintal. A trip to the Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses in Kramsach is highly recommended. The museum offers barrier-free access and many of the courtyards are also easily accessible by wheelchair. Accompanied, parking is easily feasible at the large car park. The initially steep path to the entrance is asphalted, but relatively steep. Directly above at the entrance there is one disabled parking space. 

The museum cemetery is also located in Kramsach. A very popular destination for excursions that is well known beyond the borders. The "Lustiger Friedhof" (humourous cemetery) with its whimsical epitaphs and the museum shop perfectly round off a day in Kramsach.

Author’s recommendation
  • Start the route at the western shore
  • Stop at the  Restaurant Fischerstube for something to eat and drink
  • Wheelchair ramp for ideal access to the lake for bathers


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Safety guidelines
  • Please observe opening times, parking fees
  • The barrier-free path leads from A to B, 3,4 km thereof are barrier-free. The last 500 m, which would take hikers around the lake are not barrier-free.


Lake Reintal car park west in Kramsach - Fischerstube - campsites - southern shore tip - same way back

Dog friendly
Stroller friendly
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 580
Start Western end of Lake Reintal
End Western end of Lake Reintal
Public access

A12 motorway exit Kramsach - turn right - take the first exit at the roundabout - turn left immediately and follow the signs "Zu den Seen" - drive past Lake Krumm - park at the Lake Reintal car park west.

Public transport

Bus no 4113

Bus stop: Lake Reintal car park west



Lake Reintal car park west

  •  Sun screen, sun head protection, drinks, bathing cloths
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