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Difficulty: medium


Pleasant loop trail to the Kragenalm and Brachalm and back via the Besinnungsweg.

Length 10.03 km
Duration 4:00 h
650 hm
650 hm

The tour starts at the Kundl Gorge car park. Immediately after crossing the gorge bridge, walk along the path to the left of the stream. You will already see signs for the Kragenalm. Continue along the tarmacked Schießstand (shooting range) path and then keep to the right until you reach a wide forest track. This leads through a forest to the Kragenalm. Stop off for a bite to eat and something to drink at this small, quaint hut above Kundl.

Complete the tour by walking back along the same path for a short distance. Soon you will see signs to your left for the Brachalm. Walk past the Brachalm via the Besinnungsweg (path of contemplation) downhill towards the shooting range / stream and back to the car park.

Author’s recommendation
  •  the route to the Kragenalm is also very popular among mountain bikers

Kundl Gorge car park - bridge - left towards the Kundl Schießstand (shooting range) - route no. 3 to the Kragenalm - continue on route no. 4 to the Brachalm - Besinnngsweg - Kundl Gorge car park

Alpbachtal Tourismus

Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 1175
Start Kundl Gorge car park
End Kundl Gorge car park
Public access A12 Inn Valley motorway - motorway exit Wörgl West - turn right at the second roundabout onto the B171 to Kundl - after approx. 3,6 km turn left and follow the signs for Kundler Klamm to the car park.
Parking car park Kundl Gorge
Equipment Sturdy shoes, weatherproof clothing
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