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Difficulty: medium

Achen march Tiefenbach Gorge loop tour

Hike along the Brandenberg Stream and admire natures forces. In days long gone by logs used to be transported along the stream. The viewing platform towers over a particularly impressive section of the gorge.

Length 15.98 km
Duration 5:30 h
950 hm
950 hm

The Achen march starts from the car park at the defunct Sonnwendjochbergbahn (chair lift) in Kramsach. For a short distance the hike leads along the Aschau main road (L4) towards Brandenberg. Turn left at the first opportunity (after approx. 600 m) onto a forest path. This path leads parallel to the Aschau road to the entrance of the Tiefenbach Gorge - walking time to the gorge entrance approx. 50 minutes (4 km).

From the entrance to the Tiefenbach gorge, you hike over forest soil directly along the Ache for a while, but soon the valley narrows. 

The beginning of the well secured walk leads alongside the stream through woodland and narrows after a short stretch. For most of the walk the path (stone, gravel) leads high above the gushing Brandenberg River. The bizarre rock formations are awe-inspiring. After approx. 1,2 km one reaches the viewing platform, an ideal spot to take in the breath-taking views. Looking down into the gorge one can see the waters forcing themselves through the narrow rocks. The path continues crossing the stream on three occasions. Looking down from the bridges one can often catch a glimpse of canoes making their way downstream. The valley suddenly opens up and you reach a meadow where you will find the Jausenstation Tiefenbachklamm. The hike through the gorge takes approx. 90 minutes. 

The circular hike now leads uphill along a narrow tarmacked road to Brandenberg. Turn right after a 20-minute walk (approx. 1 km). When you reach the Rinnergschwendt farms, a small forest path leads uphill for another 20 minutes towards Brandenberg and the Markstein farms.

From Markstein, continue along the road and bear right where after a few minutes' walk you reach the "former overland road Markstein-Audörfl". Follow the "Achenmarsch" signs to Kramsach. After reaching the Brandenberg main road (L4) cross the road and after approx. 100 m turn left onto the "Alten Steig". After approx. 3 km and 1 hour's walk, you will reach a fork in the road. Take the upper path. After a further 2 km and an approx. 45-minute walk, you reach a plateau above Lake Frauen. Turn right and walk along a meadow path to the Mariathal Basilica. Cross the Brandenberg Stream over a beautiful footbridge and walk the last 300 metres back to the car park.

The Gasthaus Mariathal and the Liftstüberl at the car park are ideal venues to get something to eat and drink.

ALTERNATIVE tour: from the Tiefenbach Gorge car park - walk up and back down the gorge -> details for the Tiefenbach Gorge hike to Jausenstation Tiefenbachklamm and back

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Author’s recommendation
  • Keep an eye out for relics of the timber rafting era while walking the trail.
  • You can also take bus 4070 to the gorge entrance. The bus departs once daily at approx. 8:20 a.m. during low season and twice (approx. 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.) in July/August/September during peak season.
  • Bus services run from Brandenberg to Kramsach and to the Mariatal bus stop.

Safety guidelines

Sturdy footwear and sure-footedness are required!

We strongly recommend not to walk the gorges on days with heavy rainfall.

Take sufficient water with you! There are no more hospitality venues on the stretch between the Jausenstation Tiefenbachklamm and Kramsach!


Car park at the defunct Sonnwendjochbergbahn (chair lift) in Kramsach - 4 km forest track running parallel to the Aschau main road (L4) - Tiefenbach Gorge - Jausenstation Tiefenbachklamm - tarmacked road - forest track to Brandenberg (Markstein) - bear right towards the "former overland road Markstein-Audörfl" - "former" Brandenberg main road - Lake Frauen - Mariatal - car park.


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 919
Start Sonnwendjochbahn car park, Kramsach
End Sonnwendjochbahn car park, Kramsach
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach/Brixlegg, towards Kramsach, defunct Sonnwendjochbergbahn (defunct chairlift)
Public transport


Bus no. 4070

Parking Car park at the defunct Sonnwendjochbergbahn (chair lift) in Kramsach

sturdy footwear, food & water

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