Winter Hiking
Difficulty: medium

Mittlerer Höhenweg - Alpbach

Circular trail - via the "sunny side" of the valley to Inneralpach and "Neader = shady side" back to the starting point. You also take a bus back from Inneralpbach to Alpbach.

Length 13.05 km
Duration 3:15 h
371 hm
381 hm

The easy hike starts in the village centre. Walk past the church and the Hotel Alpbacherhof and cross the small Mühlbach bridge. Keep to the right and follow the A4. Walk past the Stoffen farm and turn left and immediately right and follow the A7 (Mittlerer Höhenweg).

The sunny route leads past several beautiful old farms. "The "Kramerhof", a beautiful old farmhouse was used as a setting for a popular German TV series in the 90-ties (Wildbach). Walk past the Brechlstube towards Inneralpbach (A7). Continue past the Inneralpbach Volksschule (primary school) down to the main road and walk out the valley for approx. 200 m. Cross the road to the fire brigade building and turn left.

Cross the bridge and continue along the circular trail and the A11 path. Pass Ausserache – Ausserkafner – Dornegg – Klingler – Oberhaus to the A9 towards the Kolberhof. To return to Alpbach, follow the road downhill to the bridge. Turn left walking out the valley past the Alpbach recycling centre. After approx.  100 m downhill turn right before the bridge and follow the footpath to Alpbach, Unterknolln and the village centre.

Author’s recommendation

Take the bus no. 4074 from Inneralpbach to Alpbach -


Alpbachtal Tourismus

From the church walk past the tourist office - Hotel Alpbacherhof – cross the small bridge - turn right at the fork - cross the Mühlbach bridge - turn right - path no. A4 - Stoffen - path no. A7 (Mittlerer Höhenweg) - Stettau - A7 - Rading - Inneralpbach Primary School - follow the road leading out of the valley (for approx.  200m) - turn left after the fire brigade station - cross the Alpbach river - path no. A11 - Außerache - Außerkafner - Dornegg - Klingler - Oberhaus - path no. A9 towards the Kolberhof - to the Wiedersbergerhorn lift bottom station - „Liftstüberl“ - cross the bridge - walk up the valley for approx. 100m - turn left - footpath towards Alpbach - Unterknolln farm - village.
Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 1079
Start Alpbach
End Alpbach
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach/Brixlegg, towards Brixlegg, Alpbachtal to Alpbach
Public transport

Bus no. 620

Parking at the entrance to the village
Equipment sturdy footwear
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