Road Cycling
Difficulty: Easy

Road bike 12 Zillertal Cappucino

An easy tour avoiding busy main roads, leading throught the villages to the right hand side of the Ziller Valley. Ideal route if you are new to cycling.

Length 74.83 km
Duration 3:15 h
500 hm
500 hm

TVB Tour 12 – Zillertal Cappucino

  • Distance 76 km
  • Elevation gain 500 m
  • Gradient max. 6 %
  • Best time Spring – late autumn
  • Grading moderate

Additional information
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Manuel Hufnagel

Safety guidelines
Right-hand traffic in practice. Please obey the highway code, road safety and vehicle rules.

Rattenberg - Bruck am Ziller - Zell am Ziller - Mayrhofen - Kaltenbach - Fügen -  Strass im Zillertal - Rattenberg

  • 0 Km (from the start) start Rattenberg, Notburga fountain to Brixlegg  3rd exit at the roundabout 5,5 km to Landhaus  
  • 6,4 left Landhaus, turn-off L 294 to Bruck/Imming 3,0 km
  • 9,4 left Imming, turn-off turn right after 50 m turn right after 3,1 km at the junction continue along the road for 2,9 km
  • 15,4 left Haselbach, turn-off  turn right after 600 m 4,6 km to Stumm
  • 20,6 straight Stumm / church 6,5 km along the L 216 and the Ahrnbachstraße
  • 27,1 right Zell am Ziller / mountain lift bottom station continue along the road for 1,6 km
  • 28,7 right Zell am Ziller, railroad crossing turn left after 70 m continue along the road for 1,0 km
  • 29,8 right B 169 junction  continue along the road for 1,8 km
  • 31,6 left Ramsau (M-Preis) turn-off  cross the car park to the right after 500 m keep left  after a further 300 m keep right  4,0 km via Hollenzen to Mayrhofen
  • 36,6 right Mayrhofen centre, turn-off turn half-right after 100 m, then cross the B 169 and rail tracks
  • 36,8 right Bäckerei Eberharter, on the Schwendau-Straße turn left after 200 m, cross the bridge and turn right  4,0 km to Burgstall and Stockach
  • 41,0 straight Hippach, church 3,6 km along the L 300
  • 44,6 straight Zellbergeben 6,0 km along the L 300 through Aschau
  • 50,6 ! left ! To Aschau, turn-off turn right after 200 m at the intersection, to Kaltenbach
  • 52,1 left Kaltenbach – bottom station, turn-off turn right after 400 m and then left continue along the road to Ried
  • 54,0 left Ried, turn-off (360 m after the church) turn right after 60 m, continue along the Kirchweg
  • 56,4 left Uderns – golf course, turn-off turn right after 500 m at the church and 60 m into Dorfstraße
  • 57,0 left Uderns, turn-off Dorfstraße 3,0 km via Finsing and Kapfing to Fügen
  • 60,0 straight Fügen centre turn left after 850 m onto the Radweg (not the B 169!) 5,6 km via Schlitters to Strass
  • 66,4 right Strass, turn-off after 1,2 km B 171 junction to Rattenberg
  • 75 finish Rattenberg

Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 627
Start Rattenberg, town main square fountain
End Rattenberg, town main square fountain
Public access

Leave the motorway at the Kramsach/Alpbachtal exit, turn left towards Brixlegg/Rattenberg. Take the third roundabaout exit. Rattenbergs car parks are to the left and right after 400m (partly free of charge).

- or by bike

Public transport

Public Transport Services

Train station nearby

Parking By train to Rattenberg train station, by car to one of the parking areas in Rattenberg (east or west).

Helmet, sun glasses, gloves, rain proof clothing, bike outfit, first aid kit, replacement inner tube, tire lever, bike pump or cartridge, mobile phone, cash, bank card, drinking bottle, energy gel or bar, cap or bandana, leg and arm warmers.

In any case - equipment should be adapted to the time of year.

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