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Monte Schlossberg e rocca di Rattenberg

Great views over Rattenberg and the Inn Valley

Egon Schiele Aussichtspunkt am Schlossberg | © Alpbachtal Tourismus Egon Schiele Aussichtspunkt am Schlossberg | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

The old castle was situated on a plateau towering over Rattenberg. Unfortunately, only ruins of this once splendid building are left. Quite well preserved is the "Biener" tower, which got its name from chancellor Biener who was beheaded there.

The tower can be reached in 5 minutes on foot and offers fantastic views of Rattenberg.

How to reach the Schlossberg:
  1. from the P1 car park in Rattenberg follow the signs "Zum Schlossberg" at the small underpass. You reach the Schlossberg after an approx. 400 m and ten to 15 minutes walk.
  2. from the town centre at the Malerwinkel restaurant and events centre, take the lift to the roof top terrace. You reach the Schlossberg after an approx. five minute walk.
  3. from the Eastern end of town (train station, P4 or P5 car park) take the path immediately after the train track underpass; approx. 200 m and 10 minutes walk to the Schlossberg. 

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