Child friendly hike through the gorge

Kundl Gorge (Kundler Klamm)


Hiking trail suitable for prams

The wild and romantic Kundl Gorge is a recreational and water paradise as well as a worthwhile excursion destination for the whole family. Splash around in the water, collect stones or simply let your feet dangle in the stream. The ideal place to cool off on a summer's day. The gorge hike is on a wide, only slightly ascending path that is suitable for prams.

A hike through the gorge delights families and amateur geologists alike. The surrounding dolomite rock is 235 million years old and was formed in the course of Alpine mountain building process. Children and rock collectors are delighted by unusual stone finds on the banks of the stream.

Due to safety reasons, the gorges are not accessible between 11. November 2023 and end of March or in summer on days with heavy rain. 

According to legend, a dragon once lived here, which a farmer killed by trickery. In its death throes, the monster bit through the rock and thus the Kundl Gorge was created.
Hiking through the gorge

Hiking tour Kundl Gorge starting in Kundl

The car park is located directly at the entrance to the gorge. The path into the gorge first leads over a bridge in timber frame construction and further past mighty rock formations.

After approx. ten minutes on foot, you reach the Kundler Klamm inn. It takes approx one hour to walk from the start of the approx. 3 km long route to the end of the gorge. 

From the end of the gorge to Mühltal (Wildschönau) is another 3 km. The route can be covered on foot or comfortably by fun train. The train brings you to the Gasthaus Klammrast, where you can have something to eat and drink.

Prams & wheelchairs:

The graveled hiking trail is wide and well suited for prams. Due to the rather loose gravel, wheelchair access is unfortunately only possible as far as the inn "Gasthof Kundler Klamm".

Hiking through the gorge is free of charge! There is a charge for a ride on the slow train.

House of stones (Haus der Steine)

The Kundl Gorge is rich in unique geological rock types. In the Haus der Steine at the entrance to the gorge, you can have your finds polished and brought back to life!

Der einzige Steindreher Tirols - K. Sandbichler | © Alpbachtal Tourismus

Parking, start Kundl Gorge

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Parking (fee applys) from Monday-Sunday (8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

  • 1 hour € 1,00
  • 4 hours € 3,00
  • Day ticket € 5,00