Time out in the Tirolean Mountains

Multi-day hikes

Tours in stages in the Alpbachtal

Do you love hiking in the Tirolean Mountains? Then we have good news for you: you can extend your mountain experience as you please on multi-day tours in the Alpbachtal. A trip to the mountains can thus easily become a multiple day adventure, far away from the daily grind.

So you think a multi-day hike is only for experienced mountaineers? Well, they most certainly get their money’s worth in the Alpbachtal too. But: our popular multi-day tours are also suitable for all other hiking enthusiasts! This includes families with children, for example, who can enjoy unforgettable outdoor experiences on the hiking trails throughout the region.

Find the best routes for young and old in our tour portal. We can particularly recommend the 3-day Family Tour and the 4-day Brandenberg Alps Tour for you and your loved ones.

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Multi-day tour for families

3-day tour of the Alpbachtal

Three days, 19 km, 1,200 m in altitude – and countless unforgettable moments! The 3-day Family Tour through the Alpbachtal is an exciting multi-day hike with plenty of highlights. Its big advantage: this tour is made for families. It's not too long, not too difficult and easy enough for even little feet to manage.

The route from Alpbach to the Pinzgerhof and back is about more than "just" hiking, of course. Paddling in the refreshing water of the "Höslacke", collecting stones and stroking farm animals; all of this makes the leisurely Family Tour a real experience. And not just a big adventure for the kids: the overnight stay at Holzalm mountain hut!


4-day Brandenberg Alps Tour

Those who are a bit more ambitious should choose the 4-day tour. Although this requires a little more stamina and hiking experience than the 3-day tour, it is still doable for adventurous families.

From Kramsach you head to Brandenberg and back – across four majestic peaks – clocking up a distance of 50 km and 3,600 m in altitude. Be sure to plan for a break at Lake Zirein! You will quickly see why the "Blue Eye of the Rofan" is one of Tirol’s most photographed mountain lakes.


Eagle Walk Tirol

Hiking has a name in Tyrol: The Adlerweg. It is a long-distance hiking trail that not only measures the entire country, but also tells the charming story of a land. Explore the stages in the Alpbach Valley, which can of course also be hiked as a day tour.

The Adlerweg also includes stages in the Alpbachtal holiday region, which can of course also be hiked as a day tour.

Reward for hard-working hikers

Alpbachtal Hüttenjause

What should not be missing on multi-day tours in particular? Places to stop and refuel, of course! Fortunately there are plenty of these to be found across the Alpbachtal, with more than 30 serviced huts and alpine pastures inviting you to give your tired legs a break and sample traditional Tirolean specialities.

Probably most popular amongst hikers: the "Alpbachtaler Hüttenjause". Just looking at the rustic wooden platter with Alpbachtal hay milk cheese, hearty farmer's speck and crusty bread will make your mouth water. And from the very first bite you know: this is what the real Tirol tastes like. There is hardly a more enjoyable way to fortify yourself for the next stage of the hike!


Alpbachtal Hüttenjause

Enjoy the mountains...but safely!

If you are planning a multi-day hike with your loved ones in Tirol, you naturally want everything to be perfect. And with the Alpbachtal you have already selected the ideal setting!

All you need now are a few tips and some preliminary information to plan a safe and successful tour. As with any activity in the mountains, and especially when it comes to multi-day hikes, remember that safety comes first!

By following a few simple rules of conduct, every hiking or mountain tour becomes a safe delight. From the best equipment and regular breaks to first aid, we have compiled the most important rules for safe conduct in the Tirolean Mountains for you.